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Hi, my name is Vim. I design and develop websites and custom web applications. I create web experiences that ensure your business goals are met and your users needs are satisfied.


Happy Menu

Contactless menus for small restaurants, caf├ęs and bars

Happy Menu is a contactless menu software as a service. I designed the application and i built it using PHP (Laravel) and MYSQL for the backend, Vue for the front.

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Baby Shower Easy

Baby showers made easy

Custom Ecommerce platform featuring product visualisers and instant print asset generators. I designed the printables + the website and developed the application using PHP (Laravel) and MYSQL for the backend, Vue.js for all the interactive frontend components.

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Budget With Us

Share your budget and spending anonymously

Budget with us is an anonymous social budgeting application. I designed and developed the app using PHP (Laravel) and MYSQL for the backend, Vue for the front.

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Paper Run

Tech & Science news mash-up

Paper run aggregates tech and science news from over 200 sources. The app includes feed personalisation, bookmarking and notification features. I designed and developed the app using PHP (Laravel) and MYSQL for the backend, Vue for the front.

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Paper Run - The ultimate tech & science news mashup | Product Hunt Embed

Lucid Vue

Virtual reality estate

Brochure website for a virtual reality realestate company. I designed the website and created a custom Wordpress theme for content management.

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Lifestyle Communities

Retirement home configurator

Visualiser/ Customiser for retirement homes. I used Vue Js for the visualiser and Laravel for the Pdf generator.

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Coin Azure

God view for crypto

Features news, price movements, portfolio tracking and social interaction. I used PHP (Laravel) and MYSQL for the backend, mustache/JS/jQuery for the front.

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Folio Bob

Professional portfolios for photographers

SaaS web application for photographer portfolios. I designed and developed the application using PHP (Laravel) and MYSQL on the backend, React for the portfolio management system.

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Tiny Games

Educational games for children

Interactive educational games that help teach kids the alphabet, sight words, phonics and mathematics. I built the web application using PHP (Laravel) and MYSQL for the backend, JavaScript/jQuery for the front.

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Tiny Flashcards

Educational flashcards for children

Allows schools and parents anywhere in the world to have access to thousands of educational flashcards on any device. PHP (Laravel) and MYSQL for the backend, JavaScript/jQuery for the front. Howler.js for audio.

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Tools & Process

This is how I work and a list of some of the tools I use. I use other tools like Logic, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator etc when required, but these are the ones I use on the daily.


I use Photoshop to create, edit and optimize any graphics and photos that will be used in a project.


I spend quite a bit of time in Xd. It was Photoshop for mockups, Balsamiq for wireframes and Invision for prototypes, but now I use Xd for all the above. I do use Balsamiq if layout and utilization of space are all that matter, but if any extra detail is required (which is most of the time), Xd is my go-to.


By the time I get to the HTML from Xd, I pretty much know what raw HTML will look like and which patterns and structures are repeated enough to become reusable objects across the site. My goal is to write standards compliant, semantic HTML that is easy to read, understand and maintain.

CSS (Sass)

If I am working with a team that has their own methodology, I will use whichever CSS methodology they use, but if I am developing the website or app solo, most of the time I use Object Oriented CSS to help with scalability and maintainability.


I don't like to reinvent the wheel every time I do a new project. Bootstrap gives me the framework i need to develop quickly whilst making sure everything is responsive on every device. Bootstrap also ensures that when I complete your project, anyone who works on it, will develop and maintain your frontend code in a consistent and maintainable way.


I like to write my JS within a framework (Vue) but i also know jQuery and vanilla JS like the back of my hand. If you dream it, I can build and bring it to life with interaction and animation.

Vue Js

I used React briefly 3 years ago just after it started becoming popular, but as a designer/developer, Vue is where it's at for me. It's more intuitive for me to create clean HTML templates and add JavaScript (Vue) to them, instead of using JSX. If a Js framework is required, Vue is my preference, but if I have to use React, I can do that too.


If I am working with a team, I use whichever CMS or platform they use. I have built on WordPress, Umbraco, Kentico and Magento. When I do custom web applications Laravel is my backend framework of choice.

About Me

I've been at it since 2003, back then, I was developing websites using classic asp. The lines between a web developer and designer were fuzzy, so I was required to do both. Initially the development was the easy part, it's what I went to school for, but fast forward a year later, and people were coming to the agency I was working at because of my design and frontend work. Straddling the line between design and development has given me a distinct advantage because I understand the implications of design decisions when it comes to bringing them to life. 70% of my work these days is design and frontend, but I occasionally get projects that let me tinker with both the front and backend. When I get frontend work, the backend devs love working with me because we can communicate effectively. I love creating and I'm fussy about how my designs are implemented, but I'm pragmatic too... At the end of the day I take the path that gives my clients the largest return on their investment. Most of my work is with large and medium organizations, but I love working with startups the most.

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